The Awards

When Tony Palombino opened Boombozz Pizza in Louisville ten years ago, his goal was to compete with pizza chains by offering gourmet pizzas with premium ingredients. Today, his efforts have been awarded with numerous recognitions, including being given the title of “Best Pizza in America” at the International Pizza Championship.

We've also been featured in several major magazine and newspapers, such as:

  • BusinessWeek

  • Food Network Magazine

  • Pizza Today Magazine

  • Restaurant Hospitality

  • Fast Casual Magazine

  • Southwest Airlines

  • Courier Journal

  • and many more!

Boombozz Pizza has also won the following awards at the International Pizza Championship:

  • Best Pizza in America (twice!)

  • Best Gourmet Pizza

  • Best International Pizza

  • Best Vegetarian Pizza

Most recently, Fast Casual Magazine ranked the Boombozz Pizza & Taphouse concept 16th out of 100 for the "Top Movers & Shakers" in America, and Pizza Today magazine named Boombozz on their list of "Top 100 Pizzerias" in America.

A few more achievements:

  • Best Pizza in Louisville

  • Best Menu

  • Operator of the Year - 2008

  • American Pizza Championship

  • World Pizza Championship

In 2011, Food Network Magazine set out to find the 50 best pizzas in all 50 states. When they came to Kentucky, the editors were won over by our Pollotate pie - a mash-up of the Italian words for chicken and potato - whose crust is brushed with rosemary-garlic olive oil, then topped with chicken breast, red onions, roasted potatoes and lots of asiago and mozzarella cheese. 

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